Send the Petition

This petition is intended for the whole of the Federal Government. Each Branch is at fault for exceeding the bounds of the Constitution and must hear from you. Please also send the Petition to your state representatives and even local government officials to remind them of their duty to protect the citizens under their care.

To send the petition, please print the Petition or right click and save it from the link. Then sign the Petition and send it to each Branch of the Federal Government.

Please take the time to read the Petition and sign it. The Grievances Explanation page (link above) provides some additional detail for each listed grievance in case you have a question.

Sign it with a quill pen. Sign it while listening to classical music. Hold a Petition signing party with your friends and family! It doesn’t matter how you sign it, as long as the Federal Government hears from YOU! Please SHARE the Petition with everyone you know! Only together can WE restore the Republic!

You can download to print the petition here: Download the Petition

There is an online version at CitizenGO.

Links to the contact information for each Branch are:

Executive Branch – contact methods are at the bottom of the page

Legislative Branch – Open Congress allows you to look up your representatives

Judicial Branch – Contact information for the Supreme Court

You are responsible to contact your state and local representatives. There are too many to list on this website. Many states have lookup for all of your state representatives.

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